There are several factors that cause aging to our skin. While some are out of our control, there are some things we can influence to prevent or repair the damage to our skin.

One thing we cannot change is the natural aging process. We all know that gravity is a major factor. With time, we all get visible lines on our face as a result of depleted collagen and elastin. We also naturally lose the fullness or volume in our faces as well. As our hormone levels drop with age, we lose moisture  in our skin as well. Our genes largely control when these changes occur, otherwise known as “intrinsic aging”.

Our environment and lifestyle choices can cause our skin to age prematurely as well, or “extrinsic aging”. Preventative measures can be taken, however, often times we are past the point of damage and in need of repairing.

Laser Resurfacing

Laser Resurfacing is the “gold standard” for the most noticeable and lasting results. In the early days of resurfacing, CO2 lasers were the most common. The science of anti-aging laser treatments has evolved over time with new technologies and treatments constantly being developed.

Sciton has continued to stay on the leading edge of resurfacing, putting ample time and money into the research and development of their lasers. Their research has proven the Erbium laser to be superior to the CO2 for resurfacing, allowing the surrounding tissue to stay healthy and intact.

Skin Resurfacing at Blush Dallas

At Blush we offer a few different options for Laser Resurfacing at our Dallas location. Each one can be custom tailored to meet your needs and address your skin concerns. Our skilled Clinicians will be able to recommend which treatment is for you based on the level or results you are looking to achieve and what kind of downtime you have available.


Profractional Therapy is our most effective treatment for the improvement of skin texture and pore size. Profractional treatment uses a fractional Erbium laser to create channel injury to the skin, causing it to repair itself with collagen and elastin production.

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MicroLaserPeel uses the same Erbium laser to remove the full surface of the skin at the depth appropriate to address your needs.

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HALO Hybrid Fractional combines the benefits of light based photo facial treatment and light ablative laser resurfacing. With both wavelengths, HALO is able to treat discoloration and texture with less downtime.

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Get noticeable results without the downtime! We have created a new treatment that combines the benefits of photo facial, Profractional and MicroLaserPeel. A series of Trio treatments will leave your skin glowing without enduring the downtime of a full resurfacing. Ask your Clinician to learn more!

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Forever Young BBL

A groundbreaking study from Stanford University reveals Sciton’s Forever Young BBL (photofacial) improves fine lines and wrinkles and reverses skin damage. It’s the best way to get glowing, rejuvenated skin!  

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