Laser Hair Removal is an increasingly popular way to remove hair. People are tired of the pain, upkeep, time and cost of plucking, shaving and waxing…with Dallas Laser Hair Removal Blush Aesthetics & Wellness creates long-term hair reduction results. The Laser Hair Removal treatment works as a laser beam goes through the skin down to the hair follicle and damages it, inhibiting any further growth of the hair. We typically recommend six to twelve treatments spaced four to six weeks apart for ideal results. Patients often do not notice results until after the first few treatments. There are, often, follow up treatments recommend down the road as well.

It is important to understand that a small portion of the population (about 5%) do not respond to Laser Hair Removal. It is also important to note that skin darkening or lightening and scarring are potential risks for Laser Hair Removal, though they are rare. Prior to the treatment, patients should be well concealed from the sun and tanning booths, including spray tans. The area to be treated should be shaved an hour to a day before the appointment and no lotion should be used on the area on the day. Interested in learning more about the Laser Hair Removal treatment? .

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Forever Young BBL

A groundbreaking study from Stanford University reveals Sciton’s Forever Young BBL (photofacial) improves fine lines and wrinkles and reverses skin damage. It’s the best way to get glowing, rejuvenated skin!  

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