What is Halo?

Halo is the world’s first and only tunable hybrid fractional laser—it focuses energy on the deeper collagen layer of skin leaving the surface largely in tact for a quicker healing time. Halo precisely targets years of skin damage, including: discoloration, sun damage, visible signs of aging, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, poor texture, rosacea, scarring, hyper-pigmentation, and age spots.

What it Treats?

Halo treats discoloration, fine lines, pores, sun damage, and wrinkles.

How does it work?

Using concentrated laser energy, the Halo Laser gently creates microscopic ‘holes’ in the surface of the skin. As the tissues heal, glowing, new skin appears. This mild injury to the skin encourages the body’s natural collagen production, continuing to improve the appearance over the months to come.

What are the side effects and risks?

Patients can expect the tissue to be red and slightly swollen after a Halo Laser treatment. It is also common for the skin to be tender for several days. A few days after the procedure, the skin may begin to look dry or flaky as the body sheds the old tissue and new, fresh skin is regenerated. Side effects may include itching (as the skin heals), discomfort similar to sunburn, hyperpigmentation (darkening) and hypopigmentation (lightening) of skin that usually resolves within two to six months. Most patients have no downtime. They can wear makeup the next day and go to work. They only need to use a moisturizer.

Results & Recovery Time

Halo improves the overall texture and tone of the skin by reducing discoloration, fine lines, pore size, and wrinkles. It may also increase the reflectivity of the skin creating a nice glow. The recovery time for a Halo treatment is normally about 4-6 days.